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Jerry Ballenger

Founder and CEO

American Newspaper Solutions, LLC - CarrierTrack Technologies, LLC - ANS Delivery, LLC - Ballenger Distribution Solutions, LLC
An innovator and leader in the print media world for more than 40 years, his entrepreneurial talents and skills have made a positive impact on the media industry in an ever-changing marketplace. Ballenger's expertise and leadership allowed media companies to expand product offerings, create market dominance and develop technology applications specific to the print distribution discipline.
With ANS, he has led the company to a market leadership role in providing distribution and GPS tracking systems for the newspaper industry. Ballenger’s insight and desire to provide continual virtual audits was instrumental in the partnership with RouteSmart Technologies to provide newspapers with live turn-by-turn directions, both visual and audible including Customer Service alerts.
Prior to the creation of ANS, Ballenger was Founder and President of a Midwest United States newspaper network consisting of 130 daily and weekly newspapers. He also served as Vice President and General Manager of a 36-chain daily and weekly newspaper operation in Michigan.
Ballenger earned a degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Indiana State University.


Rick Epstein

President - American Newspaper Solutions, LLC

Rick has served in this role for the past 14 years. He brings 47 years of newspaper experience to the company with a primary focus on Newspaper Distribution, Logistics Planning and Software Development.
As part of the pioneering team at ANS, he and company have developed the premier Newspaper Distribution Software ecosystem that engages both the Mobile and Web environments, CarrierTrack®. He has led the expansion of the Company to become a leader in all aspects of both Paid and Non-Paid Distribution.
Epstein's innovations have revolutionized the newspaper industry, including innovating the use of warehouses as Distribution Centers, permitting the newspaper to seize efficiencies by creating the ability to pre-ship advance product without the need to add trucks for storage. He also invented the use material handling carts for the distribution of newspaper bundles and bagged papers. His multi-decade career with The Miami Herald, also included the introduction the newspaper's first alternate delivery program that enhanced revenue and produced significant process improvements. He was the first in the country to deliver weekly magazines alongside newspaper delivery.
Rick directed the Circulation Operation of The Plain Dealer as Vice-President. He led the team that developed a state-of-the-art Circulation System that was a decade ahead of any other competitive software package. He was also the Vice-President of The Washington Times before coming to ANS.
Epstein earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Miami, Florida. He also earned an Advanced Executive Certificate from the Newspaper Management Center of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Doug Keiles

Vice President - CarrierTrack Technologies, LLC

Keiles has been with the company for over 12 years, and brings nearly 30 years of mapping and related technological experience to the company.
Keiles currently has three major responsibilities  for CTT. He oversees integration of new clients  from “Setup” to “Go Live”. He also oversees web-based technology development projects including our latest launch of CarrierTrack® 3.0 with live turn-by-turn direction. Most importantly, he creates the efficient and effective routes for all ANS clients by analyzing data from the ANS Internal Research Team. He combines "science and art" in creating routes that are balanced and effective while dealing with ever-constrained budgets and ever-changing resources.
Keiles' previous experience includes mapping for fiber optic development, casino floor mapping, and territory creation/analysis for sales, direct marketing, and targeted advertising.
Keiles earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Masters in Communication and Information Systems (MCIS) from Rutgers University.

Michelle Sweeney

Director of System Develoment - CarrierTrack Technologies, LLC

Michelle brings more than 15 years experience to the CTT team. She has been key to designing and creating innovative reporting components to CarrierTrack®. Sweeney is the lead for CTT Internal Research Team, which is the heart beat of our technological innovation.
Sweeney’s additional responsibilities, providing customer support on all active projects, front line communication with American Newspaper Solutions (ANS). Distribution Staff, and primary support for ANS Operating Committee and its Officers.
Her professional experience includes 15 years of mapping and data analysis as well as 25 years in data-management. Sweeney possess extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office, multiple GIS platforms and other software systems.
Sweeney earned a Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University and Masters Certification in Geographical Information Systems (GISc) from University of North Dakota.

Doug Maxwell

Vice President -  American Newspaper Solutions, LLC

Doug Maxwell is the Vice President of Newspapers for American Newspaper Solutions, LLC where he has held this position for 1 year.
He brings more than 42 years of newspaper experience to the company with the primary focus on newspaper distribution, logistics, implementation of technology in the distribution operations & cost efficiencies. He has served in senior management roles in several daily newspapers until coming to ANS in 2009.
He plays an important role in launching of new distribution markets for ANS. Doug currently oversees the distribution markets for ANS offering his guidance & expertise to the market directors in their respective markets.
Doug serves as an executive member of the planning & implementation committee for new ANS markets. He has been involved in the testing of technology in the distribution arena, both for daily newspaper & TMC distribution.

Glenn Murphy

Mid-Atlantic Market Director - American Newspaper Solutions, LLC

Glenn  has more than 40 years of experience in the newspaper industry. The past 10 years Glenn has been with American Newspaper Solutions, LLC developing new markets for distribution, and helping to perfect our robust verification methods and innovative technologies.
Prior to ANS Glenn spent 28 years at The Washington Times, where over the years he held several positions within the Circulation Dept. Murphy managed and helped to enhance many newspaper technologies including “RouteSmart”, “Voice-Port”, “TeleDirect”, and “DTI”. He created a Quality Control Department that increased company revenue by 22% and customer retention by 25%. One of Murphy’s biggest accomplishments was developing and managing The Washington Times “Neighborhood Direct” advertising program where he brought in American Newspaper Solutions, LLC to handle all of the distribution using ANS’s rock solid distribution methods, and state of the art technology. 
Prior to working at The Times Murphy worked in Circulation Sales with the Philadelphia Inquirer. Murphy has dedicated his entire career to the newspaper industry.